Our Concept

There are many initiatives in Europe opposed to populist politics as well as to Brexit. These initiatives aim at the further development of a Europe which is fit for the future. Our goal is to contribute to the visibility of these initiatives.


We (see back page) want to promote Saint Valentine’s Day as a tool to create enthusiasm for the progress of European ideas, and to stress the importance of the forthcoming European election.

We hope to address individuals, initiatives and institutions which share our common vision

Our proposal to them: On Valentine’s Day, undertake an action or activity for Europe. On your own or, preferably, by cooperating with others. Our hope is for a huge variety of actions and activities, as colourful as Europe itself.



Please publish your ideas for actions and activities here:



On our web page we will keep you informed on planned actions and activities and shall support the brainstorming and the coordination among the different projects.