Dr. Horst Arndt-Henning

ME Consultant

"Europe for me means a common commitment to a collaborative economy aligned with ecology and a consistent climate policy."





Martin Becher

Executive Director of Bayerisches Bündnis für Toleranz


“My Europe – tolerant, democratic, protecting human dignity."





Dr. Jürgen Belz


"Democracy and human rights guarantee peace for future generations."





Prof. Heiner Bielefeldt

University Professor

"Europe could become a model for cooperative, multilateral policy that the world needs."





Ruth Ceslanski

Jewish Chairperson

GCJZ Franken e.V.

"I‘ve got Europe under my skin."





Eva Frohme

retired teacher

"Ever since my schooldays, Europe has been my home. That's a feeling I would like to pass on to others."







Dr. Siegfried Grillmeyer

academy director

"Europe for me is the dream that we can strive for more humanity and human rights beyond old and new borders."







Helena Khorrami

"Europe for me means different cultures creating something together!"







Jörg Lipp

Spokesperson Landesvorstand „Mehr-Demokratie/Bayern“


"Europe’s future: Together!"





Barbara Münzel


"Respect, democracy, human rights – that's what Europe means to me!"





Roland Münzel

"Europe isn't everything, but without Europe nothing else can really be."





Joachim Rottluff

social scientist

"For me, Europe means freedom, peace, security and human rights and I am committed to it."





Walter Popp


"Europe deserves our love and our commitment."





Hannah Demleitner


Tessa Demleitner